Blaine Flanders Shares his Experiences Thriving with Mesothelioma

The doctors gave Blaine 3-6 months to live after his initial diagnosis. Unable to accept this prognosis Blaine consulted a specialist for a second opinion. Blaine shares what he learned from the specialist in this free book sponsored by Blaine's mesothelioma lawyer. The lawyer didn't cure Blaine's cancer but the asbestos claim he filed covered the medical costs that did.


Blaine Flanders Impressed this Lawyer

david halpernMy name is Dave Halpern and I am a mesothelioma lawyer practicing in Pennsylvania. When Blaine Flanders came to me, he faced the daunting diagnosis of Pleural Mesothelioma and a prognosis of 3-6 months at best. That was over 3 years ago.

A Truly Inspiring Story

The story about how Blaine managed to live past his initial diagnosis and thrive is inspiring. It should serve as an example for mesothelioma patients everywhere.

I could not help Blaine with his medical condition. However, I was able to help him with the high cost of getting the doctors and treatment that is partly responsible for his continued survival.

When Blaine and his wife Sue came to me, they knew almost nothing about their legal and financial options. Unfortunately medical professionals rarely have this information and often they are mistaken about many aspects such as Blaine's initial prognosis.

Discovery and Documentation is Key

My team worked with Blaine and his wife to track down and document how and where Blaine was exposed to asbestos which caused his disease. Researching and proving this is never an easy process. It requires persistence and good investigative skills. We need to locate the information and witnesses who can document the exposure to validate any lawsuit or claim.

The Settlement

We won over a substantial settlement for Blaine and his wife. This compensation was able to pay off the debt from the medical expenses which nearly wiped out their savings and investments. And it left them enough to be secure and enjoy their old age, however long they may have together.

I did this for Blaine's family and I can do it for yours. Ask me about our other clients who trusted us to help them through the challenge of a mesothelioma diagnosis. They have purchased a new home.

I tell people the facts and I work as hard as I can for each and every client.

David Halpern

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